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tired and stressed

Day 3.
Cardiff st davids hall

I'm sat here at FOH. Show going well. Sound not as good as last two days but still good.
Getting back into the swing of things soo hard. So much to relearn/learn new. Aa well it'ss what I wanted :)
Plus the caterers are awesome. Such good food. I'm defo gunna put wieght on this tour :)

Can't wait for my day off in london with Jeandre, been missing her loads already. Still managing to argue while apart ;)
(Don't know if she'll read this lol)
The TM keeps hinting at me that he used to be a sound engineer. Hmmmm.

I'm writing this off ma blackberry so sorry for punctuation / spelling.

So much to do and soo little time. Ahh well thanks father.

Hope you're all well catch you later x

sunday nights

So I feel that this should be a place just to vent my life and thoughts... while I’m on tour I plan to use it as a way for people to see what I’m up to and if I’m ok.


Tom has got the Xfactor on. What a pile of rubbish. I wanna watch the NFL game on sky sports already dammit... aaaa


Well today was good. I didn’t manage to get to church but then I didn’t get to bed until 4.30am. Was working with Lofty for The Animals and Spencer Davis. Man I messed that one up with the Support act. Defo gunna need to get back on it before I go out on tour in October.


Remember to mute the monitors masters so as not to cause feedback....


Oh well. We live and learn.

NFL on now. Tampa Bay and buffalos. Good game. Very lively.

Feeling a bit sad. This week coming is my last week with NAYC. God has shown me and given me so much these last 6 months... I feel really bad for leaving Phil in a rut. Not only this but I’m still unsure if I’ve made the right choice. It’s one of those once in a life time experience but it’s also turning my back on a more Christian way of living.

I’ve made my choice now and will live with it. Suppose it’s now a test of the last 6 months teachings and lessons.


I’m looking at doing some months away. Was given a leaflet for Christian vocations. Some of them look fun. Don’t think I can take too much time away from work. Spending a few months doing some volunteer work wouldn’t be a bad thing though.


This week shaping up ok. I always look forward to C4 if I’ve missed Sundays at church. And there hopefully should be some of the students back from their summer. Impact and Passion prayer meeting on Saturday morn. Should be good. Really am hoping for some good work here.


Well. Kinda babbling... but then I guess that this is what this page is for.

NFL, Beer and some modeling..... or sleep?



Well night x

First Entry

So here I am. The first entry in what is, hopefully, going to be a page for reflection, growth and support. I don’t know why I have chosen to write things here on the web. Nor do I know if anyone will read this entry. I suppose if anything it's more for me and the Father.

 ***Father Thank you. You have given me so much. Not only in these last 9 months but for my whole life. I look back and thank you for all the support and all the times you’ve guided me until this point. Father i hope that this journal is a place for thinking about you, a place where my thoughts and questions can be aired. A place where people can see the faith and direction i have for you.


 Cool . . .  Never Prayed Via email/live posting. Spose it should be part of posting. Prayer can come in so many forms.

 I have a vague idea for use of this page on the web. Will pray and look into it more before i put down anything definite.


God Protects



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